Our mission is to save lives and reduce injury among the public and the police by reforming the deeply inadequate, antiquated, and flawed training models, policies and procedures and legislative standards for employees in the United States’ Criminal Justice System particularly those with the power to arrest, detain, commit and kill.

We believe in a few basic principals. First, all employees, regardless of the profession, work best when they are adequately trained. Second, training should be relevant, up-to-date, and based on scientific principles. The scope and length of training, as well as other prerequisites, should be reasonable compared to the responsibilities, especially those whose actions could have an impact on life and civil liberties. And third, curricula must be developed through diverse collaboration with communities who will be impacted the most.

Our work provides advocacy, research, analysis, training, policy and curricula recommendations to support legislative and training changes. We collaborate with partners in law enforcement, academics, medical professionals, policy and legislative analysts, civic organizations and community groups to improve law enforcement training on federal, state and local levels.