Not Enough Training

For a variety of historical and constitutional reasons, there are no federally mandated training minimums for our nation’s law enforcement officers. This creates a patchwork of training requirements that vary state by state. Minimums can range from seven months of basic training in Maryland to no months of required basic training in Hawaii.

You can become a cop in six months and don’t have to have the same amount of training as a cosmetologist.

That’s insane.
— COLIN KAEPERNICK, Activist/ Athlete

Required hours of training in other professions.

police release far less training than their international

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Hours of police training required in other countries.



The US Bureau of Justice Statistics 2013 study found that, on average, police officers across the country receive less than six months of basic training, slightly more than the 20-week average that is legislatively required. For perspective, one college credit equals 37.5 hours of actual time. 

While our research is ongoing, in 2018 we examined the police training requirements of more than 30 countries, and the United States has the lowest police training requirements by far.