A Movement of Voices

I believe fervently that to listen to a witness is to become a witness
— Elie Wiesel

Community Impact Team

Our Community Impact Team, with representatives from 25 unique communities nationally and in every state, not only helps to identify the unique criminal justice problems many communities face but also works with law enforcement professionals and academics to find solutions to the failed policies and procedures that have created such problems. These communities, invested in real solutions, work with political and local leaders to implement reform and ensure funding. 

The Community Impact Team helps to provide equitable input from those perspectives that may not have been previously taken into account when policies and procedures that concerned their safety, and that of the police, were under consideration. The way in which communities and police relate to one another is a matter of concern to everyone. All those effected should have a say. 

community impact group-w.png

How has your community been impacted by police policies and practices?


At the Institute, we recognize that we cannot rely on academic papers and spreadsheets alone to find solutions to each communities' problems. Listening to them is vital to our understanding of their issues and to finding the best solutions to the problems they identify. That's why our analyses and research always includes all voices in the community, as well as those with relevant experience or education.

By asking "How is my community impacted?," we ensure equitable input from those who may not have previously had a voice. 

Listening to the voices of impacted communities is vital to understanding their perspectives on policing and public safety and to finding the best solutions to the problems they identify.