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The Institute for Criminal Justice Training Reform exists to to save lives and reduce injury among the public and the police by reforming the deeply-flawed, inadequate, and antiquated training models, policies, procedures, and legislative standards for employees in the United States' Criminal Justice System, particularly for those with the power to arrest, detain, commit, and kill.

At state and national levels, we build a consensus for meaningful reform by involving all impacted communities in our efforts to improve training standards. Through the use of our groundbreaking research—implemented through legislation and national campaigns for public awareness—we work together to create the kind of change we all hope for and deserve.  

When systemic failures occur at any organization, a logical approach to reform is to examine how employees were trained.
— Randy Shrewsberry, ICJTR Executive Director


Are based on our belief that current police training is a core cause of unjust killings, mass incarcerations, lack of accountability, and poor relationships with many of the communities served by our criminal justice system. 



Is to bring national awareness and education about such problems to the public in an effort to create innovative and practical solutions at local, state, and national levels. 


Is to research and advocate for improved training in all aspects of the criminal justice system, beginning with law enforcement, in a way which will make a more equitable system that promotes peace and saves lives.