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Volunteers from all over the globe



We cannot do this without a broad base of volunteer support. In fact, most of the Institute's work is done by volunteers, people from all over the United States and around the world. Our volunteers give anywhere from four to 40 hours a week to use their skills, talent, and passion for reform. Together we are going to transform the way police training is approached in America! If you want to see the criminal justice system finally work for everyone and you have the time to give, please consider joining our team.  

Not only have I been able to work with an amazing team, but I’ve also been able to make a difference through the work I’ve done. If the cause is important to you, don’t hesitate to volunteer. You won’t regret it!
— Myah Chamberlain, California, Social Media Manager


Operations Team


The Operations Team is the engine that supports the multifaceted activities and always-moving parts of our entire organization. Team members usually work remotely from locations across the country, so regular communication with each other, and high levels of coordination, are central to the role each team member plays. Operations is responsible for these working groups: Volunteer/Project Management, Campaign Strategy, Communications/PR, Digital/Online Strategy, Information Technology, Development, Finance/Legal, and Creative Content.


Administrative Assistant

Grants Writer


Content Creation and Curation

Digital Editor

Funding and Fundraising

Graphic Artist

Information Technology

Organizational Strategy

Social Media Coordinator

Volunteer Coordinator

Web Designer/Developer

Community Impact Team

To achieve lasting reform, measuring community impact will be crucial. We’ve split our primary advocacy and outreach efforts into 25 advocacy areas, ranging from African American Advocacy to Victims of Crime Advocacy. Within these advocacy areas we will have advocates performing outreach and collecting data in cities/states across the country. To assist with the coordination efforts of our campaign and advocacy efforts, Advocacy and Outreach also has a mobilization arm consisting of regional and state coordinators.                                    


Advocate—Race & Ethnicity

Advocate—Civil Liberties

Advocate—Public Policy

Community Organizer

Event Planner

Governmental Affairs

Law Enforcement



Training & Standards Team

As a part of our recurring and scheduled campaign efforts, the Training & Standards Team works in crucial areas to our mission, including research and analysis of legislation and policy, as well as training and curricula. This team is also the driver of our ongoing State Training Analysis Review & Ranking (STARR) campaign efforts and will be the final content producing machine behind it all. Taking the information presented by the Community Impact Team, Training & Standards will look at all angles of the data and find a way to incorporate it into training reform recommendations.



Academic Management

Big Data Analyst

Crime Analyst

Criminal Justice Researcher

Data Analyst