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Trained To Be Scared


National education and awareness campaign about the fear-based training police receive.

The focus of much law enforcement training is on the preparation for potential threats that are unlikely, unusual, singular, or even anecdotal. Placing so much emphasis on such events puts officers in a constant state of fear.

Join our national campaign to bring education and awareness to the fear-based training police receive and help stop the junk science, tribalism, and militarization which increases the chances that officers will perceive threats where there are none and react in ways that are sometimes tragic.




State Training Analysis Review and Ranking

Our 50-state campaign will compare the state-level minimum training standards and hiring criteria for police officers and determine what can be improved. 



The Pickett Project


Including the Voices of Families Affected by Police Violence in Police Training

Named after police-shooting victim Nathaniel Pickett, the Pickett Project is a program designed to help surviving families share their stories with police and discuss, firsthand, the effects police training may have had on the choices they have made that resulted in the loss of loved ones. Its purpose is to bring surviving families and police together in a one-of-a-kind attempt to find answers and go beyond the statistics. 

The Pickett Project will help to heal wounds and restore a sense of balance between the very real dangers that police face and the responsibility they have to protect the people they have been sworn to serve. To find out more read "The Pickett Project."


The Police Training and Independent Review Act


Support the continued promotion of our 2017 national petition

As part of our ChangeJustice campaign in collaboration with change.org, we support national legislation, cosponsored by Senator Tammy Duckworth (IL) and Representative Steve Cohen (TN). To date, over 46,000 people in every state, including Puerto Rico, Washington D.C., and the US Virgin Islands, have signed. 



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Join our grassroots push to prohibit any police officer being allowed to serve before attending a basic training academy 

In 36 states police do not have to have to undergo even the most basic training that ought to be required before being allowed to patrol the streets. This lack of preparation, and the tragedy it sometimes produces, has to stop. Additionally, our push will include the use, in nearly every state, of untrained or lightly trained unpaid reserve and auxiliary officers. 



The Institute

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When you donate to The Institute for Criminal Justice Training Reform, you are helping to fund the core operational support we need to conduct our daily work across all our teams consisting of over 100 volunteers.

All donations are sincerely appreciated and treated with great care, transparency, and accountability and are vital in our efforts to achieve meaningful and lasting training reform.